Have you got an asphalt driveway that’s in good shape, but needs something to amp up the curb appeal?

That’s exactly what this homeowner had to deal with. They had the standard builder concrete walkway and asphalt driveway. Both were in good shape. Serviceable, but not very attractive. Not only that, but parking two cars in the driveway left them a little short for space to step out of their vehicles without stepping into the grass.

We added a custom stamped concrete strip on both sides of the driveway, as well as a small pad to the side of the house, which they can use to store their trash cans, logs for the fireplace or place some large containers for flowering plants.

The concrete driveway edging, done in a tawny brown is the perfect color to go well with both the asphalt surface and the standard concrete sidewalk, and it blends nicely with the stone on the house.

decorative stamped concrete edging for asphalt


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