Looks like it was just poured…but this stamped concrete patio is actually a little over 6 years old. We pressured washed and resealed the patio today for our Dublin, OH, customer. A service we offer to all of our customers to keep their patios looking vibrant and new, year after year!! Every concrete patio, driveway and walkway we installĀ is sealed when it’s sufficiently hardened. Resealing your concrete on a regular basis helps maintain the freshly poured look, and prevents excessive fading of concrete colorants. Concrete surfaces are always pressure washed first to remove any dirt, debris or mildew. Resealing also helps protect your concrete surfaces from stains and water penetration, which is one of the biggest reasons for concrete surface failure. We recommend sealing every 2-3 years, depending on the amount of traffic. We offer this service to anyone with a concrete surface that needs some help to look its best, whether we were your installer or not. Even worn concrete surfaces can benefit from sealing; they’ll look better and sealing will help maximize the life left in your surface. Maintenance and preventative measures by you, the homeowner is also important to preserve the beauty and life of your concrete hardscapes.

  • Regularly hose down your concrete to remove surface dirt.
  • Use care with oily substances.
  • If you have an oily spill, soak up the spill with kitty litter.
  • Remove snow manually and use sand instead of chemicals.
  • Avoid using salt & de-icing chemicals, which actively attack and corrode concrete.
  • To prevent rust stains from patio furniture, seal the bottoms of furnitureĀ legs or attach nylon pads. They’ll slide more easily, too!
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